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Committee Descriptions

We are always looking for more volunteers to join the University of Northern Iowa Colleges Against Cancer Chapter. As stated in the Colleges Against Cancer link on our home page, CAC focuses on Relay For Life, Cancer Education, Advocacy, and Survivorship.

We currently have eight committees. A list and a brief description of each committee will be listed below. I know free time is scarce for many college students. We can still use your help no matter how much time or experience you have though.

We are all affected by cancer at some point in our lives. Volunteering on our CAC committee is a great way to take the fight to cancer and show your friends and family affected by cancer you are supporting them. It will be a very rewarding experience and something you should take pride in volunteering for. Your experience will also be great to show on your resume.

If you are interested in helping us out, please contact Brady White or  Emily Droessler for more information.

Committee Descriptions

Corporate Sponsorship

Your main focus will be contacting businesses and getting them to sponsor our Relay or donate other necessities such as food to our Relay. Great experience for sales and marketing majors.


This committee will develop a plan to spread the word about our Colleges Against Cancer Chapter and our Relay For Life. You will be working with the press to advertise. This committee really needs people who can create and design advertising posters and flyers. You will be working with all committees to advertise their events, but the main goal is recruiting participants for our Relay.

Team Recruitment

These committee members will be responsible for recruiting participants and working with the captains up until the event. We will be working together to develop the best "plan of action." We will be visiting all of the houses in the dorms and attending as many meetings as possible to get participants. Working with the advertising committee will also be an integral part of this committee.


This committee will be developing a plan for teams and individuals to raise more money and organize a few fundraising events throughout the year. You will be working with the team recruitment and organization committee to communicate with the teams.


These committee members will plan and coordinate the activities for the night of the Relay. We will have different games, activities, and music that you will coordinate. You will also organize a couple socials for our committee so we get to know each other a little better.

Survivorship and Caregiver Engagement 

This committee will be recruiting cancer survivors from UNI and our surrounding community to participate in activities throughout the year. They will also organize the luminary ceremony and work with cancer survivors the night of the event. Community outreach and service to cancer patients and families will also be a goal.


These committee members will be developing a plan to get the word out about cancer. You will organize events to inform UNI students the facts about this horrible disease. We will have themes each month and an event to go with each (ex.-breast cancer awareness month, healthy living month).


This will involve possible lobbying at the state capital and working with state representives to push agendas to help the fight against cancer. The Fight Back Ceremony is also a huge part of this committee.

“Leaders aren’t just born, they are shaped by the actions they take.”




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