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History of the UNI Relay for Life


2003 Relay For Life

2003 was the first year for the Relay For Life at the University of Northern Iowa. About five people organized the first Relay. It was held in the Price Lab gym. It was a great success for our first annual Relay For Life here at UNI. With the help of the community and the 400 participants, we raised over $12,000 for the American Cancer Society.

2004 Relay For Life

Our second annual Relay For Life showed the dedication and compassion of the students at the University of Northern Iowa and the Cedar Valley community. The Relay took place April 15 th-16 th in the UNI Dome. There were approximately 1,000 participants that celebrated with us. Over $26,000 was raised for the American Cancer Society.

2005 Relay For Life

Our third annual Relay For Life at UNI was our break-through year. As you may recall, we set an early goal to become one of the premier college Relays in the Midwest and touch a lot of lives in the process. It ended up being a very, very successful Relay as we had hoped. In fact, we raised the most money per number of students of any college in the Midwest Division. About forty committee members recruited about 1,500 participants to join our celebration of HOPE. At the end of the night, our participants had raised over $73,000 for the American Cancer Society. In just three years at a college campus, the UNI students, faculty and staff, and our surrounding community have joined together to show our overwhelming support for those who have felt the horrible effects of cancer.

2006 Relay For Life

Our fourth annual Relay For Life of UNI was our best year yet. Our dedicated committee and community raised an impressive $103,000 for the American Cancer Society with an estimated 1500 participants. This helped the Relay For Life of UNI rank #5 in the nation per capita for a school our size.

2007 Relay For Life

Our 2007 Relay for life was a success with an estimated $86,000 raised and 1500 participants filling the UNI-Dome. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great year.

2008 Relay For Life

Our sixth annual Relay For Life of UNI was another success! We raised around $80,000 and had around 1,500 participants! We also had our first Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back Ceremony this year and those featured wonderful survivor and caregiver speakers. We were again ranked the #1 fundraising event for schools our size in the Midwest! Thank you to everyone who came and participated!

2009 Relay For Life

2010 Relay For Life

2011 Relay For Life

This year UNI's Relay for Life won the National Advacacy Award along with UNI's Distinguished Program of the Year! This years relay destroyed its goal of 75,000 dollars and raised 97,000 dollars!  UNI put on its first ever mini Relay at the Price Lab school in Cedar Falls.  Thanks to everyone who participate for more birthdays and made this such a successful year.

2012 Relay For Life

To be determined by you! Taking place April 13th and 14th from 6pm to 6 am. Come, have some fun and fight cancer all at once!


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